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    Student Leadership Qualities


    At ACORN we believe that every individual is a unique leader. To begin this journey of leadership, we advocate then that leadership begins with the self. If one is able to practice self-responsibility and make wise decisions, half the battle is won.

    Acorn helps to train the student in a progressive and wholistic manner – in leadership, develop a vision, engage the student body and mentor the next generation.

    Basic Leadership

    Leadership is influence. Every student is a leader and has the potential to lead and influence others to follow his or her lead to make positive changes. 

    Advanced Leadership

    As leaders, students learn to make a difference by analysing problems and planning a systematic way of testing their solutions.  

    Change Leadership

    Students learn how to navigate through uncharted waters and pioneer new initiatives and change in their campus.

  • Leading with Others

    Student Leadership Training Singapore

    Leading with Others

    Where teamwork is commonplace and attainable, team comradeship is a struggle. Leaders need to learn to understand and handle teams differences. Then lead their teams to plan events and solve problems.

    Team Leadership

    Learn how to manage team dynamics and lead the team towards a desired goal.

    Team Project Management

    Students often have to plan for many projects and school events. They will learn how to plan systematically and how to manage their team.

    Team Development

    The purpose of team development and mentoring is to help juniors to tap into the experience of their seniors. Students will learn how they can mentor and plan their mentoring plans.

  • Leading to Others

    Leadership Training for Primary School Students

    Leading to Others

    In order to get your message across to a group, class or having clarity during a presentation, one needs to develop confidence in conveying his ideas in a clear and engaging manner. At Acorn we believe that every child can be a capable communicator with the right practices.


    Interpersonal Communication

    Students learn how they can be effective communicators. We need to learn how to be a good listener and speaker


    Public Communication

    To be a confident speaker, students learn how to use different strategies to engage the audience using verbal and non-verbal skills.

    Collaborative Communication (Mediation-Facilitation)

    Conflict is unavoidable as there will always be differences between individuals. Learn how to resolve disagreements and conflicts among peers.

Student Leadership

The Student Leadership Challenge

The 5 Practices of Student Leadership Challenge Model

The Leadership Challenge® is the original research-based leadership development framework. It all started when  Jim Kouzes and Barry Posner asked the question, “What do leaders do while operating at their personal best?” Since 1981, Kouzes and Posner changed the way people view leadership. They continued to survey many people and after 5 million collected surveys and hundreds of studies, Kouzes and Posner proved that leadership is everyone’s business—it is a practical set of skills and behaviors that everyone can apply.

These are the 5 Practices of Exemplary Leadership that are common when leaders are able to make extraordinary things happen.

They are:

Model the Way

Inspire a Shared Vision

Challenge the Process

Enable others to Act

Encourage the Heart

Each of the five practices is made up of six core behaviours that Kouzes and Posner have identified as being indicative of exemplary leadership.

Here at Acorn, we empower children and youths by contextualising the five practices to their roles and level. We equip them with tools and handles to apply each of the 5 practices. In short, they will know not only the WHAT, but more importantly the HOW.

Live to Lead!


Student leadership programs are not only for those who hold leadership positions. They are for all students because leadership skills are essential for day-to-day interactions, contributions, and goals.

These programs are typically open to students of all ages and backgrounds interested in enhancing their leadership skills and contributing to their school or community.

Student leadership programs cover skills such as effective communication, time management, decision-making, and conflict resolution.

Many programs offer certificates of completion or recognition, which can be a valuable addition to your academic and extracurricular achievements.