About Us

Innovation & Entrepreneurship

  • Social Entrepreneurship

    Make decisions with an entrepreneur dare. A mindset described often as grit not only for academic excellence but to kick-off a business that closes a gap in society. Ranging from push cart sales, technopreneur competitions, school festival, community carnivals, Acorn is ready to partner from conceptualising, training, planning to execution

  • Design Thinking

    Think like a designer to make a difference. Design Thinking framework provides a people-centered approach to problem solving. With an array of design thinking tools for all ages, participants can apply research, prototyping, and evaluating skills in school, community, nation and global context.

  • Servant Leadership

    Serve to lead; lead to serve. Experiential activities design to create empathy and facilitate deeper understanding of the social issues among participants. Tap on the wide spectrum of partners to execute your choice local or overseas service learning project.