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Unlocking the Magic of Effective Teacher Professional Development in Singapore

Acorn Training is a leading professional development provider in Singapore, offering comprehensive programs to enhance educators’ teaching prowess and expand their repertoire of skills. We empower teachers with tools, strategies, and insights to be more effective in what they do. Join us for an impactful learning experience that elevates teaching to new heights.

 Why Choose Acorn Training for Your Professional Development Journey?

  • Transformative Insights

Educators gain new insights and fresh perspectives in our programs to create a deeper impact on students.

“The sharing on the activities to promote motivation in students was an eye opener.”

Mr Hazmi (Year Head)
Ngee Ann Secondary School

  • Effective Strategies

Our highly experienced trainers focus on effective teacher professional development, offering tailored strategies and methodologies for Singapore’s dynamic education landscape. They provide insights into the latest pedagogical approaches, ensuring relevance and impactful teaching.

“The programme has better equipped me on how I can engage my students in leadership.”

Ms Jasmine Lee (HOD)
Ai Tong School

  • Engaging Approach

Our program is never a sit down session but we actively engage educators and professionals with experiential learning and practical application.

“Practical activities. Linking practice to theory in an engaging manner. Very enjoyable, one of the best workshops I’ve attended. Thank you.”

Ms Queenie Low (Student Leadership Teacher)
Tampines Primary School

Unleash Your Potential with Acorn Training

Join Acorn Training for a transformative journey in teaching, aiming to elevate your skills and inspire growth.



Our workshops cover various topics, including mentoring student leaders, facilitating design thinking, and developing growth mindset.

We offer online workshops and webinars to accommodate diverse learning preferences and busy schedules.

Indeed, we encourage you to contact us for a consultation, and we will be happy to guide you toward the most suitable programs.

Our workshops are crafted by experienced educators and trainers, incorporating research-backed strategies and real-world insights for maximum impact.