About Us

About Us

Our Story

Since 2003, Acorn is committed to discover the leadership potential in each young person and to develop such potential to its fullness, we are dedicated to nurture the seed of talent and creativity in each youth so that each may grow to become a tree of abundant life and of excellent leadership.

Our Focus

  • A

    Activity-Based Lesson

    Our programmes are conducted thorough experimental learning.

  • C

    Comprehensive Leadership Development

    We develop leaders holistically through progressive training.

  • O

    Others-Oriented Attitude

    We develop servant leaders.

  • R

    Relevant Applicant Point

    More than learning, it’s about applying it to students exact leadership portion.

  • N

    Nurturing Student Potential

    We follow-up students application.

Our People

Acorn compromises a team of trainers and facilitators who:

  • Dedicated to youth work.
  • Demonstrates a cutting age with youth.
  • Have a strong Desire to train up youth leaders.
  • Displays a strong influence on character development.
  • Exerts a strong Direction towards positive change and growth.