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Growth Mindset & Motivation

  • Intrinsic Motivation Profiling

    Why are people the way they are and how can we intrinsically motivate them?

    The Reiss Motivation Profile is a tool that reveals a person’s fundamental values and motivation. The 16 motivators in life helps us to understand ourselves and our students on what really drives them and how to sustain that drive.

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  • Emotional Agility

    With depression and low esteem having plague this generation, it is important for us to help students see the distinct value they each possess. The fact that each individual has his or her own unique gifts and talents, played out through different personalities. This leads up to realising who you are as well as who you can be. They also understand that emotions are natural but we have the choice to respond in a positive and constructive manner.

  • Personal Pursuit

    We understand that not everyone is intrinsically motivated, hence it is important to drive home the need to set clear goals as well as mini checkpoints. Through activities, we guide students through the experience of both having a realistic goal and the folly of moving ahead without a set goal. They then apply these lessons by setting S.M.A.R.T goals for themselves.