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We are always looking out for like-minded individuals who loves to connect and develop young people! 

Core Expectations

  • Prepare and deliver training programmes
  • Conduct experiential learning activities with meaningful debrief
  • Facilitate discussions for honest and fruitful sharing
  • Secure feedback of individual classes or students

Desired Characteristics

  • Poly Graduates, fresh graduates, graduates with some working experiences and ex-MOE teachers
  • Passionate about developing and training young people
  • Energetic and confident with public speaking 
  • Strong command of English both written and spoken
  • Excellent communication and facilitation skills in a classroom setting


Registration of instructors with Ministry of Education
If you are not yet a registered instructor, do register.
Read more details here:
Registration of coaches and instructors | MOE

Register with MOE here:

REMS 2.0 (moe.edu.sg)

School Programme- Area of Specialisation
Enrichment- Leadership
Enrichment- Life skills
Enrichment- Communications


If you have any questions or keen to join us.

Email your resume to recruit@acorntraining.com.sg.

  • Peng Peng

    I’d say even after having gone to many companies, I learnt the most from Acorn. It’s where I found most growth in myself – in terms of public speaking, confidence etc. Each time I taught, I myself felt like I was solidifying my personal values or being refreshed by a new perspective! 🙂

    From Acorn, I gained like-minded friends who genuinely believe in enriching kids in values that guide them throughout their lives. Furthermore, I was also fortunate enough to have gained many opportunities – from watching other styles of training, to being one of two lead trainers for SKM, to being referred to other companies!

    Honestly, whichever company I go to, I have always held Acorn dear to my heart – it’s the one place I believe has restored my faith in education. I wholeheartedly believe Acorn has indeed sowed a mustard seed, and I am flourishing into a fruitful tree. 🙂

    Overall, this job gave me more than a simple opportunity to teach – it also helped me to solidify my foundations on the values and skills that I was imparting to the students. Furthermore, I had to adjust to students from an eclectic mix of backgrounds, temperaments and dynamics to better engage the different audiences. Depending on their needs and potential constraints, I often had to find a good balance to ensure everyone’s needs were met. This is especially so since the students understood, prioritised and learnt differently.


    Janice Yeo

    All it took was a “Hey, do you like to work with youths?” that kickstarted my 3 years here in Acorn, and the year(s) are still counting. Youths – Kids and teens really never seize to show me the wholesomeness of life. Those golden years packed with so many new hurdles, were the years where I really wished I had guidance or inspiration to keep me motivated. Acorn’s ways of engaging students by experiential learning helped me connect with the youths and I remembered a time where a student wrote a paragraph long for feedback where he shared his personal struggles in school, it gave me a greater purpose in staying here. Also, in the years here, I have been groomed by my colleagues who gave me feedback to improve and opportunities to discover more about my strengths and weaknesses. I feel like a seedling now, thanks to Acorn. Haha. Now is my turn to ask you, “Hey, do you like to work with youths?”



    Keen to join us or find out more?

    Connect with us: recruit@acorntraining.com.sg.