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How do we set ourselves apart in a highly competitive environment?

How do we carve out our personal brand?

How do we handle unexpected interview questions?

These are valid questions that students will tackle in our Interview Skills and Personal Branding workshops.

Students will discover the 5 hot tips of personal branding, how to craft a strong personal statement as part of their post-secondary institution entrance requirements, how to stand out in an interview setting. They will also learn how to craft an effective online portfolio.


Education and Career Guidance


Hear what some of our students have to say about our programs:


“I learned to stay calm and give a response that will be relevant to the interviewer’s interest. I enjoyed the practical session during the mock interview.”

~ Samuel Antonio Delos Reyes (Sec 4, Hai Sing Catholic School)


“I really liked the interactions, the personalized responses and passionate attitudes of the trainers. I really feel inspired and have learnt a lot from this course. I’m clearer of how to structure my responses to highlight my strengths and to express to interviewers why I do stand out.”


Li Jun Xian (Year 5, Dunman High School)



“I learned about the different types of interview questions and the framework to answer them. Questions that were once difficult to answer have now been broken down into simpler and smaller parts, helping me to confidently craft my answer.”

Miranda Lee (Sec 4, Ngee Ann Secondary School)

“I’ve learnt that being able to very clearly justify a certain claim you make of yourself is extremely important. It is not about the listing or name dropping of the various values you hold but rather what you truly exude and HOW is it that you can make a difference, an impact or influence on others and the greater mass. One take away from today is definitely the quote “one life for many”.


Kelly Mar (JC 2, Temasek Junior College)



Parents can support their children, discuss career aspirations, and encourage open communication about educational and career goals.

ECG is an ongoing process that adapts to changing circumstances and goals. The key is to encourage individuals to grow in understanding their values, interests, strengths, and abilities.

It is essential as it empowers students to explore their interests and abilities, align their education with career goals, and make informed decisions that lead to fulfilling careers.