About Us

Character & Citizenship

  • As a Student

    Students learn to manage and lead themselves according to their academic pursuits and student life.

    Basic Management

    Find out strategies to manage transitions in life.

    Learners’ Management

    Learn about the predominant learning strategies and how you can apply them to revision and classroom teaching.

    Time and Energy Management

    Find out how we can practically manage our portions and priorities. Learn the new concept of managing priorities by managing our energy.

  • As a Youth

    Students will learn to take ownership of their growth as a young person.

    Personal Development

    Overcome complacency and fixed mindsets about mistakes and failures. Learn strategies to achieve greater fulfillment in school!

    Personal Discovery

    Understand ourselves and peers to better manage our relationships.

    Personal Pursuits

    Discover our stumbling blocks and stepping stones towards our aspirations.

  • As an Individual

    Students will learn how to best maximise their unique strengths and decisions on an individual level.

    Individual Exploration

    Career Life Game is a facilitated digital game that immerses students into a virtual world to make decisions regarding their education, career and life goals. Students discover the keys to responsible decision making in a fun and safe environment.

    Individual Branding

    Learn about how we can brand ourselves in our resumes and learn how to build our portfolio.

    Individual Representation

    Learn how to think on your feet and answer questions confidently during an interview!